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Although the job of a telemarketer seems fairly genr-neutral (only when the caller picks up does the caller know if he or she is al with a man or a woman, so in theory this has no effect on call answer or call preferences), accord to the article Sexism in call center. What headphone work says about morn society Headphone work is dominat by the fairer sex. Genr trouble in call center It turns out that as many as % of employees in this industry are women (on a global scale). However, this has noth to do with the preferences of the interlocutors. Although accord to the Report On the Other Si of the Handset.

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Industry in the eyes of interlocutors more responnts indicat that they prefer to talk to a woman than a man, the vast majority ( exactly % ) believe that the sex of the consultant does not matter . So what influences such a significant percentage of Czech Republic Mobile Number List women in this work? Accord to Dr. Kristina Hultgren from the Open University , the author of the article New perspectives on language and genr: Luistic prescription and compliance in call centers , the reason is social issues, and more specifically, upbr. How to unrstand? No one will ny that in most societies boys and girls are train for different social roles and therefore require the velopment of different skills.

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To be more obient, velop empathy, and follow rules. This naturally results in better school performance (higher gras and better behavior). However, characters form in this way may not work in professional life (this is how the later problems in the careers BTC Database EU of good stunts are often explain), in which it is often necessary to break patterns and, what can I say, boldness. This is commonly believ, but it turns out that it is not entirely true . You have to be polite! This type of character will not work in the call center industry. Accord to the report On the Other Si of the Telephone.

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