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The ability to insert links to websites contain tail information about the offer or specific products, which makes it easier for the agent to conduct a conversation. The script should also contain. additional functions an orr form with a finable table of products and prices, the possibility of grant discounts and a configurable list of suppliers. markers or tags the ability to place fields in the script, the selection of which by the agent dur the conversation introduces a marker to the record of the conversation. Thanks to this. When listen to the record, you can go straight to the place with the marker. Markers are usually plac in important places, such as consent to send. an offer or acceptance of the terms of the orr.

Call record with tagg Effective telemarket

Part of outbound market requires record. conversations for at least three reasons to test the effectiveness of the script (and its possible modifications), as a material for train agents and a tool in resolv possible conflicts with interlocutors. In orr for listen Pakistan Mobile Number List to records not to take unnecessarily too much time, it is necessary to tag them (mention in the scription of a good scripter). Call record is one of the most effective solutions to increase the effectiveness of telephone calls read more about record.

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Conversations with customers Callback

Rules agent calendars and classifiers These are tools for longterm plann communication, which is one of the pillars of effective telemarket. Callback rules are a feature us in relation to customers who could not be reach. Bas on the rules fin earlier in the BTC Database EU system, the communication platform automatically calls these people again after a certain period of time. For example, a recontact is initiat the next day, two hours later than a fail contact, if not later than and in this case on the next day from am (example word of the rule). The function relieves consultants of the ne to remember about the date of retry contact.

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