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The approach the length of the text, it with attractive photos, infographics other elements Of course, legibility, both in terms of language formatting, will be important – investing in the services of a good copywriter can pay off many times over Another feature of evergreen texts is that they have SEO support – they are creat on the basis of researching the real nes of customers their searches on the web, they contain appropriate keywords , internal links are additionally promot, for example in social mia What content will not become evergreen content? Some types of content have an extremely short life cycle a rather low chance of becoming evergreen content These include: news about current events, texts describing current trends news, information about any premieres.

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Seasonally popular topics be evergreen content? There are also topics that become relevant only once a year, for example, on the occasion of holidays, with the arrival of holidays, etc Is it worth paying attention to creating content relat to them? Of course! Well-optimiz, comprehensive topics refresh from time to time, they can serve us for Kazakhstan Mobile Number List years, even if they will be intensively read only one month a year HOW TO CREATE EVERGREEN CONTENT? Okay, now we know what evergreen content is what it isn’t Is there some magic formula that allows you to achieve the effect of constantly popular content? Selection of the topic It is worth starting with thorough research, not only in.

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By directly asking recipients what content they would like to read, what information they lack To ensure that this type of content becomes popular, it’s a good idea to use Google Trends to track the popularity of various searches over the years If it stays BTC Database EU the same or, even better, it increases, we can confidently choose a given topic as the topic of the next blog post Competition analysis The next step is to analyze the competition that publish on a similar topic – at least the one whose texts appear on the first page of search results A good approach is to calculate the average number of characters that competing articles have write a longer text However, it is not about artificially.

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