On LinkedIn there are 3 levels of contacts


o interact with people who share your same interests or can be of help to you and work on the messages to obtain good results. linkin invitation On LinkIn there are 3 levels of contacts and you can know what level each person is by looking right next to their name. First level: It means that you are connectto that person, that they have acceptyour request and you can send them direct messages. Second level: You cannot send a direct message to this person because you are not connect to them, it corresponds    to the friends of your friends. Third level: Friends of friends of my friends. Tips: Following a person on LinkIn (you can’t send them direct messages) is not the same as being connect to them (you can send them direct

Prioritize the second option

messages). Prioritize the second option. If you want to find someone on this professional social network and you don’t know how to do it, you can search for them by name, email, mobile… You can also apply filters by company. Connect simply by values, because from there opportunities can come that you would never have imagined. You can also see who interacts with your content and send them a request to stay in touch. Connect Business Email List  with those workers from companies where you want to work. TO LOOK FOR A JOB To access the positions that are published, you must configure the general employment . As? Go to ‘Account’ -> ‘Settings and privacy’ ‘Job

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Business Email list

Search Preferences’ and modify: ‘Job Application Settings’; ‘Share your profile when you click apply’; and ‘Show your interest to the recruitment technicians of companies for which you have created job alerts’. to look for a job On the other hand, just below the description in your profile, click on ‘I am interested in…’ and click on ‘Search for a job’. From there, you can select the positions you want to apply for and much more.  BTC Database EU Finally, just at the top left, we have a job search engine in which you can select filters such as the city, type of day, type of contract… and allow you to save them for future searches. It can also be modifi so that every time a job offer is

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