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ourself on this social network is essential for anyone looking for a job. For this reason, David Díaz Robisco, expert and trainer on LinkedIn , has given an #ENyDOpenclass to show how to value your professional experience, how to be active in this social network, how to grow with quality in your network of contacts and how to have a methodology to achieve more job opportunities. Let’s find out in this article! RECRUITER ORIENTED LINKEDIN PROFILE linkedin recruitmentThe first thing to take into account is the presentation of your profile, that is, you have to take care of the first impression that can be given to recruiters when they look for you. “If I already know that they are going to look at my social networks, why not have th

Professional photo: In accordance with the image you

yem well prepar? It is not enough to be a very good person, you also have to demonstrate it so that others see your professional worth,” explains the expert on Linkn. Professional photo: In accordance with the image you want to project. Look at the camera, far enough away to show your head and shoulders, and dressas you would for work. Do not use the photo of the border or wear the #OPENTOWORK . In addition to the profile photo, we have the possibility of putting a 30-second welcome story. How to activate your profile story? It is important to note that it can only be done from the mobile or tablet version.  B2b Leads  Check that you have the ‘+’ in your photo and press photo Choose to record or import from reel Add to profile Select visible part and add to profile Your profile story is activatwhen a r circle appears around the photo. Back

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ut about demonstrating what you are really capable of with examples. Featured: That allows us to know more about you or your products and services. This section is very interesting because it allows people to know more about you or your products and services. You can put a video resume, links to jobs we have done previously, interviews… How do I know if I have created my LinkedIn profile correctly? You have to go to the ‘Jobs’ section and see that all the BTC Database EU  suggestions for job offers that appear are related to your profile, training and interests. HOW  LinkedIn is an essential tool with which we can connect with people, learn from them and train ourselves. The key is t

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