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Thanks to this, we can focus on the velopment  book capacity. We are in constant contact with our supervisors from Focus Telecom Polska – in addition to ongo support, we receive proposals for new solutions, such as SiteCall, which generates several dozen additional contacts with guests every day.” Karol Pilch, Manager of the Reservation partment at Hotel Bania**** Thermal In discussions on the new provisions on the protection of personal data, GDPR GDPR, the ePrivacy regulation is often overlook. Meanwhile, the ePrivacy project epens, extends and complements the general provisions of the GDPR GDPR, and the penalties for break it are equally high.

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Can read here we mov on to the draft ePrivacy regulation, which remains in the shadow of GDPRRODO in discussions on new regulations. However, the ePrivacy project is just as important and you certainly cannot miss it. In the first article of our review UAE Mobile Number List of the draft ePrivacy Regulation ( read it here ), we look at the Regulation itself: general information, scope, and data privacy. In this post, however, we will al with specific issues: the rules on cookies, spam, and what works the most on emotions, penalties for break the law. The subject is broad, so sit back and take about minutes to read this article.

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In the previous part, we ask Joanna Swaryczewska- from the law firm Porębski i Wspólnicy for a guest post and an extensive commentary . consultancy BTC Database EU in the field of personal data protection. Joanna Swaryczewska-, attorney at Porębski & Partners ePrivacy project – ) A new approach to cookies The draft ePrivacy regulation introduces significant changes regard “cookies” – cookies . The user’s consent will no longer be requir for the installation of cookies that do not interfere with the user’s privacy, those aim at remember the language of the website select by him or the content of the basket in the online store.

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