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Referring to the withdrawal of real estate from business activity transferring it to the partners’ own nes. Wieslawa Moczydlowska The assignment of the lease generates taxable income PIT ACCOUNTING TAX ADVISOR SMALL MIUMSIZ ENTERPRISES The tax authorities claim that the remuneration obtain for the assignment of the leasing contract constitutes the income from the taxpayer’s business activity. If the taxpayer chooses a lump sum for , he should tax the transfer fee receiv with a lump sum at the rate applicable to the activity in which the subject of the lease is us. However, experts have doubts. Wieslawa Moczydlowska November , NSA The legitim testamentary legacy.

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Of real estate HOME FINANCE PIT TAX ADVISOR Income from the sale of real estate obtain in inheritance may be ruc by the expenses incurr for the execution of the will the payment of the legitim. Inheritance burdens can also be consider a tax Germany Mobile Number List cost in the legal status in force before The Supreme Administrative Court rul so favorably on Tuesday. Wieslawa Moczydlowska July , Courts Income “less than zero” also entitles you to parking ANTICRISIS SHIELD ANTICRISIS SHIELD More more judgments favor a business that was clos during the Covid pemic. The courts note that applications for a downtime benefit are  it is not possible to add one’s own comments.

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An entrepreneur who does not achieve any income, not only less than percent, is at risk of payment backlogs or bankruptcy nes help. Katarzyna ŻaczkiewiczZborska February , MF Fuel in a company car is not income PIT ACCOUNTING The employer BTC Database EU does not have to add additional income to employees from fuel in a company car. The lump sum specifi in the regulations includes all expenses relat to the private use of a company car. The Minister of Finance has finally issu a longawait general interpretation in this regard. Krzysztof Koślicki September , The bank pays the rent for the premises taken over.

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