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This may even lead to a situation in which a parting employee takes important information about customers with him. How will an omni-channel communication platform help solve these problems? How to communicate with a client from the manufacturing industry? Using the call contact center system. Such a platform has a morn solution to support all of the above-mention problems. How? By using the following systems tools. Multi-channel communication gather in one place. All emails, phone calls, social mia messages text messages available in one system. Virtual PBX for efficient management execution of the company’s call strategy.

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Callability up or a higher level of customer satisfaction are just some of the effects of the PBX implementation. It is also a much better Henan Mobile Phone Number List choice than a stationary  partments – the communication platform facilitates not only contacts with customers, but also improves communication between all employees of the company. Collaboration (even when working remotely) has never been so easy. Call Queuing – Prefin rules organize calls according to the criteria that best suits the nes of the company. VIP customers can be connect first, other partments in the company can take over some of the calls when there is a rush of calls.

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Functionalities as the IVR menu allows you to play messages specifi by you to customers. They no longer have to wait for a call, doubting whether they will get through at all. In the meantime, the recording will inform them that the call will be record or BTC Database EU that a promotional campaign is in progress. It will also specify the approximate waiting time. Management of complaints notifications – the system for their hling allows for the automation of repetitive activities, also sends customers notifications about the stage of the application. They do not have to contact BOK in this matter. Customer Card – intification of regular Customers possible thanks to the card containing all information about the customer, allows for better customer service. GSM Monitoring – an application that allows you to monitor GSM connections.

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