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options hidden in their interfaces with which you can get much more out of them. Next. we are going to see some functional tricks that you can use in these web analytics tools: GOOGLE ANALYTICS It is one of the best free SEO tools from Google . You will be able to measure website traffic thanks to data collection and analyze the performance of SEO strategies with reports that provide statistics about your company. TRICKS: Create an alert for when traffic drops: So that you don’t waste time visiting the same sections of the tool every day in search of new data. Activate an alert to notify you when any unusual modification occurs. Such as a crash

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on your server. You will find this option within the “Personalization” menu, clicking on “Custom Alerts”. Optimize  To do this, open Click on the question mark on your keyboard (first clicking on Ctrl/cmd) and discover all the shortcuts that exist. Behavioral reports: They will help you understand how visitors interact with your website. An example would  Business Database be landing pages or exit page reports.  analyze parameters such as the average response time or the average server loading time in various

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browsers.  Countries of origin or pages. seo tools tricks It is another free tool offered by.  You can receive alerts about technical problems. TRICKS: Check indexing: Use the “indexing status” tool to BTC Database EU   ensure that all pages on the website are being indexed correctly by Google. Analyze searches: Use the “searches” tool to see the search queries users make that lead them to your website. This will allow you to optimize the content according to what they are

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