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You can be inspir by them, but remember about the originality of the text its real value. You can also find interesting ideas for article titles thanks to special tools. One of them is Answer The Public , which is also partly free. After entering a specific phrase in the select language, relat queries search by users will be display. Thanks to this, you are able to check what information Internet users are looking for. Choose key phrases If you want your articles to be visible in the Google search engine, you must remember about choosing the right keywords Thanks to this, your publications will be able to rank for specific user searches.

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Definition of key phrases After choosing the topic of your article, you can conduct a keyword analysis. At the beginning, make a list of potential phrases that are closely relat to the topic under discussion. Then you can use a free tool, which is the Keyword Egypt Phone Number List Planner from Google Ads This tool allows you to check the popularity of specific words their seasonality. After analyzing the select phrases, you will be able to choose the ones that best suit your article. Remember not to bet only on phrases with the highest average monthly number of searches. It is also worth using those with slightly less competition.

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Long-tail keywords , which are also search by a certain proportion of users, are an opportunity for you to rank higher in the search engine. The select keywords in the article should also be properly spac. It is worth placing them in the title, headings, meta tags, as BTC Database EU well as the content itself. It should be not, however, that excessive use of phrases can sound artificial repulsive. It is also worth using their synonyms. Keep it balanc natural – after all, people, not robots, will be the target audience of your articles. If you would like to learn more about keyword analysis, we encourage you to read our previous article How to conduct a complete keyword analysis? Take care of the proper appearance of the article The content of the article itself is not everything.

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