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Amazon Integration The American leader in online commerce, recently operating on the Polish market also in Polish, is another e-commerce platform that is worth integrating with the call contact center platform. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and one of the global e-commerce experts. SaaS Atomstore e-commerce platform Atomstore is another online sales platform. Available in both B2C and B2B versions, it is a solution for mium and large online stores. Thanks to the integration of Atomstore with Focus Contact Center, you can efficiently manage customer service from one place. Baselinker x Focus Contact Center Baselinker is known to online store owners as a tool for managing sales on multiple platforms in one system.

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What e-commerce integrations does Focus Telecom offer? Integrations of Focus Contact Center with e-commerce platforms What e-commerce integrations do we offer? What is the integration of IT systems? We write about it below: Integration Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List with the Allegro platform Allegro is the leading e-commerce platform on the Polish market. Due to the large number of customers, stores offering their products on it often ne additional systems for customer service or communication with them. This is what Focus Contact Center offers. The combination of both systems is a guarantee of all relevant information about the client in one place. The increase in the level of service and CLTV are just some of the advantages of such integration.

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Various systems, work is faster, more efficient and more effective. Employee time saving What other benefits result from integrating the systems you use with online stores? The undeniable advantage of such a solution is time saving. The BTC Database EU aforemention integration of data and functionalities into a coherent whole, which is us by the store employee, makes his duties perform much faster. The Focus Contact Center system also allows you to automate repetitive activities, which significantly spes up the work of the entire team. E-commerce integrations also support various teams in the company Thanks to the use of the contact center platform integrat.

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