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Donation from a relative as a condition for tax. Exemption case law More about the deregulation act Taxpayer, watch out for simplifications! MPs collect advertising revenue from the press Controversial stards in the deregulation act. Regarding parking places There will be an attempt to override the Senate’s veto I hope that the Sejm will override the Senate’s veto on the deregulation act all the good changes relat to this act will come into force said MP Bartłomiej. Wróblewski PiS, head of the Extraordinary Committee for Deregulation, which l the work on this act in the Sejm. It was with great surprise sadness that we receiv the decision of senators, mainly PO the Left, who were against the deregulation act he add.

Więcej The canteen in sports camps

The boarding school can earn money by. Feing the participants of  Robert Horbaczewski Date add Source iStock The canteen in the dormitory of the. Agricultural school complex may sell meals to third parties, provid that it does not interfere with its Indian Phone Number List proper functioning. Such additional activities of the canteen cannot affect the performance of the tasks for which it was creat believes the Regional. Chamber of Accounts in Białystok. Share the article add to. Favorites The starost ask RIO to present his position on the. Functioning of the school canteen operating at the boarding school complex of agricultural schools.

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He point out that the canteen sells

Meals only to students, teachers. Administrative staff of the school. Meals for students are sold at a price corresponding to the cost of products, for teachers administrative employees at a price corresponding to the cost of products employees’ salaries BTC Database EU contributions calculat on these. Salaries canteen maintenance costs. Without any margin. The company’s activities are not for profit. The starost, bas on general interpretations, indicat that sales to. Students school employees fall within the poviat’s own tasks in the field of public ucation, therefore it is not subject to VAT.

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