Agency Debate: Best and Worst Practices in Social Networks


Agency Debate: Best and Worst Practices in Social Networks. In the last edition of the Agencies Meeting held on May 19, we had the opportunity to enjoy 4 interesting debates. In them, the representatives of 5 marketing agencies spoke to us about fundamental issues that companies and all of us in this sector have to face today. After the dynamic introductory talk by Clara Soler , we received 5 experts in charge of opening the discussion table with several questions in the air: What are the main developments in Social Networks? Which are the most in-demand platforms and which are obsolete? What Social Media practices work and which don’t?

New formats versus new channels

New formats versus new channels. The appearance of new formats, such as microvideos or augmented reality, has caused brands to demand more and more content. This has forced agencies, and everyone in general, to adapt and optimize their content and, with this, to adapt the management of the time they invest in it. For this reason, in the face of this evolution that email database seems to not stop, what professionals recommend is to consider the formats more than the channels when choosing where to be.

Change of mentality: Quality vs Quantity

Change of mentality: Quality vs Quantity. On the other hand, they comment that it is necessary to go through a change of mentality and focus on the quality of the content rather than the quantity. In addition, they are committed to micro-segmentation of this content to expand its reach. Use new BTC Database EU formats and tools to achieve enriched content that has a much greater impact than traditional posts and that also allows consumer interaction.

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