How to increase your engagement with interactive storytelling


By engaging your audience. Interactive Storytelling takes your strategy one step further. Learn about your concept in this post. As well as the benefits of this type of storytelling and how to use it correctly. Behind the curtains of our electrochemical brain activities. Storytelling lays the foundation for developing our identity. It is not surprising that marketers have used it as a strategy. The main objective of which is to capture people’s attention so that the brand message is conveyed correctly.

What is Interactive Storytelling

Interactive content is a digital resource that job function email list engages the audience in an experience that depends on their action. The idea is quite simple. We provide content and collect data while people get the answer to what they were looking for. Applied to a Storytelling strategy. It explodes the narrative with more attractive tools. Bringing people closer. A simple quiz or interactive calculator can quickly engage your audience on an additional level .

What are the benefits of Interactive Storytelling

Basically, people freely give you valuable data BTC Database EU to understand your customer and. Through interaction, open themselves up to hear what you have to say. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute. Marketers are already using 63% more images and infographics than ever before . In short, interactive content enhances storytelling by creating multiple experiences in multiple senses. In 2011, Forbes called the Elf Yourself campaign. The microsite, created by Office Max. Tapped into a sense of community to engage people in a shared experience.

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