10 actions to optimize CTR and improve SEO positioning


Therefore, 10 actions to optimize CTR and improve SEO positioning. In the first edition of PRO Marketing DAY , organized by Aula CM. Therefore, which took place on April 1, 2017, we had the opportunity to enjoy several conferences dedicated to SEO. In one of these, Bruno Vazquez-Do dero. Therefore, shared with those present a list of techniques to optimize the CTR and improve the positioning of a website. Bruno not only taught us new ways to improve interaction with our publications, he also exemplified each of them with real cases that helped us get an idea of ​​how to put them into practice. 

What is CTR and how is it calculated

What is CTR and how is it calculated. The CTR ( Click Through Rate ) is the percentage of clicks. Therefore,  that a certain publication top people data obtains. In SEO terms, it would be the number of clicks that one of your results receives on Google and to calculate it. Therefore, simply divide the number of clicks by the number of impressions and multiply it by 100. Within Digital Marketing we can analyze many metrics but, perhaps. Therefore, we can highlight 3 metrics that are decisive. Therefore, among which CTR takes on considerable importance.


CTR and SEO. Google knows for sure the percentage of clicks that a result receives and so do we, with Search Console. And in this aspect, the most profitable and fastest way for good SEO is to optimize the titles of our results. Titles are the most important part of CTR. Even though when we hear about SEO we think that we should focus on improving our positions, this will not be necessary if I get them to click on my results BTC Database EU since I will get many more visits. Bruno throws a question into the air: “What’s the point of being in the first positions if I don’t receive any visits?”

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