Visual Search: A New Frontier in E-commerce


Visual Search In our most recent webinar, we took a deep dive into eCommerce. Our presenter, WSI consultant John Leech from Ireland, explained why e-commerce is so essential to your business and some expert ways to improve your visitors’ website experience. Read this summary of our recent webinar. Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce or watch the recording here.  At the same time, be wary of distracting carousels and animations, which can negatively impact your conversion rate.

Ecommerce Website Experience

Exactly like in real life, prospects will wonder, Does this look good? and Do I feel comfortable doing business with this company? Use the Home, About and Why Buy With Us pages of your website to describe the type of establishment email contact list you are. Include social proof content, such as testimonials and how-to articles, to drive engagement and build your reputation as a valuable expert.

Ecommerce Website Experience Tip

Your product catalog pages and the way you  BTC Database EU categorize them. To aid navigation tell users that you have the solutions they are looking for. Your website is your store, so who is your best sales assistant? A dynamic search with multiple different filters. That helps your customer find what they are looking for. People make decisions based on comparisons, so help them compare options.

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