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How many people who come from Google go back to the search engine PagesSession how many web page visitors they come from Google Gene. Session duration – how long visitors from Google stay on your website Number of conversions how many leads or sales you have from the visitors that come from Google Key figures from Ranktrail The number of search terms – how many search terms the website ranks for Number of backlinks – the number of referring domains, how many unique external links point to the url if you want, you can add your websites.

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Value that has been calculat to make it a little more qualitative Key figures from Google Search Console Impressions – how many impressions the url has had for all searches in which it appears The number of clicks how many clicks came from searchers Buy Bulk SMS Service on Google CTR – the percentage who view the url who also clickscription – the forgotten ad space by Pontus ad space What is scription? scription Meta scription are the lines of text on Googles search results page SERP that scribe the content of the page you end up on if you click on the Title link. scription is often missing Few may have miss that a pages Title link is important for SEO search engine , which position on the SERP, a page gets.

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But everything that appears on the SERP is important and scription is one of the important pieces that we unfortunately all too often miss to inclu on the pages. An indirect ranking factor Even if the scription is not directly relevant to the pages BTC Database EU ranking, it gives you an excellent chance to influence the searcher on Google to choose your page. And the more people who click on your page on the SERP, the more chance the page has to rank higher, because ClickThroughRate CTR is something that is includ in Googles ranking algorithms. Feel free to listen to our.

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