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The URLs to be cover by your Content Audit. Should you analyze all your knowlge content or perhaps all your product group pages in your webshop, simply ci your scope. If you have a sitemap , you can easily look there and copy the urls that you consir relevant, copy these and paste them into a spreadsheet. If you have a more complex web site, you can use different tools like screaming frog to retrieve all urls. It may be wise to inclu the text in the Title Link formerly Meta Title because it makes it easier for you to unrstand which web pages on your website you have in your Content Audit.

Categorize your content before

Doing the analyses and enter the URLs, categorize them according to the goal of the content, who creat the content, what type of content it is, where in the store the content focuses, and who the primary audience is or Persona. You should have C Level Executive List these categorizations in your Content Audit Web Creator – the name of the person who wrote the content Date – when the content was publish or last updat Content Goal – specify the main goal of the content, leads or sales Content Type – specify whether it is a product group page in a webshop, an itorial article with tips, a howto gui, etc. The customer journey – indicate whether the content focuses on Awareness.

C Level Executive List

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Target audience specify who or who are the Main Target audiences for the content Key figures that you should have in your Content Audit When you do your Content Audit, you must collect a lot of data and key figures, all relat to how your BTC Database EU content is performing. Here I go through the key figures that you should inclu in your Content Audit and which sources you can find these in. Key figures from Google Analytics Visitors how many visitors the website has today from Googles organic results Visitor trend how does the visitor trend look over the last three months in comparison to the same period last year Bounce rate.

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