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Podcast about CTR at Google SEO Your best advertising space I usually say that scription is your best ad place. Here you have the opportunity to advertise your page and if you formulate the text in the right way, you can convince the searcher to click on your page and thereby steal clicks from competitors who may be above you in the search results list on Google. That sounds good right? Unconscious influence I think that scription influences us in our choice of what we click on often happens completely unconsciously.

Small Percentage difference

We are not aware of everything our brain takes in. There is a lot going on in the subconscious. I suspect that the texts in the scription are register by us even if we do not consciously read them. And for search phrases that have a lot of searches, every Industry Email List in your favor can make a big difference. Best example ever One of the best examples I found of a scription that I suspect won a lot of clicks from competitors even those that end up higher in the SERP is when I search for Buy childrens shoes online. Back then, it was a store that includ its terms of purchase in its scription Always free shipping and free returns. days open purchase answers my unconscious question.

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Always start from the target

What if the shoes dont fit? before I even click on the page. Free shipping, free returns and day open purchase takes most of the worry out of such a purchase. Well thought out, there! things that can help you write a good scription group when BTC Database EU you write your texts, not least when you have to find which text to enter scription. Use the target audiences words, their terminology, Inclu the unique in your message. Find each pages Unique Selling Point USP even if you dont sell anything on the page, answer the visitors question, Why should I care about this.

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