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Best with quality service. And the simplification of the reservation system will certainly provi us with this. Tourist boom Economic growth has a positive impact on consumption. On the other hand, the average salaries of Poles are increas. Accord to statistics from the Central Statistical Office, over the last years the average wage has increas by % . It also increases interest in tourism. In , a record mand was observ among offers from travel agencies. Travel is high on the list of Poles’ nes. Accord to the report of the Polish Chamber of Tourism, our compatriots are buy more and more trips, while the popularity of last minute offers is clin.

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People prefer to book their trip earlier and on better terms, even if the cost is suppos to be higher. In addition, accord to the report, more and more Cameroon Mobile Number List people also go on several trips a year. Changes in the market There is a high mand for tourist services not only in Poland, but also on the global market in general. It has grown . % over years , reach $ . trillion in . In addition , the Internet is an increasly popular book channel , as a simple online book attracts  to a travel agent or speak on the phone with a property or consultant.

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Therefore, this year, the European Union directive came out, regulat online books. The simple online book is a huge plus, but in case of problems tourists want to be sure that they are fully protect. Vĕra Jourová , Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Genr Equality said with the entry into force of the new rules. Travelers will benefit from new BTC Database EU rights and protections in the event of organisers’ bankruptcy. The new regulations will also make it easier for companies in the tourism industry to offer their services also abroad.” As a result, consumers will be more protect by be able to expect: better inform, clear presentation of rights; refund and return to the country in the event of the organiser’s bankruptcy.

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