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Data in the National eInvoice System will be safe The Ministry of Finance is preparing the National eInvoice System. Its use will become matory. Entrepreneurs, however, have doubts whether sales data will be properly secur whether they will not be pass on to competitors. The Ministry of Finance ensures that information on invoices will be secure. They will be protect by special systems, encryption access control. MF The Polish Deal will not change the child’s income limit, above which the parent loses the right to family relief HOME PIT FINANCES , this is the current limit of the child’s income, which, if exce, deprives f the right to benefit from the child relief.

The Ministry of Finance informs

That after the changes plann as part of the Polish Deal, this amount will. Remain unchang. Agnieszka Matłacz August , Czytaj więcej Income of sports club players includ in various sources of income Malwina PasternakJanik PIT HOME FINANCE TAX ADVISOR INTERPRETATIONS Date add Source iStock The profitmaking purpose of the Albania Phone Numbers List activities of sports club players consisting in the provision of sports advertising promotional services for the club its sponsors excludes the recognition of revenues from this activity as revenues from practicing sports pursuant to Art. point of the PIT Act. These are revenues from the provision of services. Relief for young people can be appli to them.

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A sports club operating in the legal form of a jointstock company, running a professional team participating in both domestic European competitions, appli for a tax interpretation. As part of its activities, the club concludes agreements BTC Database EU with the players for the provision of sports advertising services, on the basis of which it entrusts the players with the provision of sports services in the form of playing in a team advertising promotional marketing services for the club its sponsors in the form of sharing the image of the players. As part of the provision of promotional advertising services, the competitor is to actively participate in all events.

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