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An impression does not mean viewing or reading, it means that it was print on the screen while someone was searching on Google or browsing Facebook, for example. CPM (Cost Per Thousand) CPM is an indicator monitor in brand strengthening campaigns in which, instead of paying per click, we pay per impression . In other words: it shows the cost paid The entire for every thousand impressions of the ad. IQ (Quality Index) The quality score demonstrates the relevance of the ad to the user. In some mia, such as Google Ads , the higher the value of this indicator, the lower the proportional CPC may be to rank first on the page.

Check out all the details in the full case:

Tip: 8 tips to make your company appear on Google! Engagement This metric measures user interaction with content , be it a purchas ad or a post Latest database on social mia, for example. The greater the engagement, the greater the effectiveness of the message in awakening a reaction in someone! ROAS (Return on Advertising Investment) To measure the financial return in relation to the money invest in advertising through paid ads, ROAS is us .

In addition to Google Analytics

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The bigger the better! An example of this is the 840% ROAS achiev for Famiglia Valduga in our strategy. Check out all the details in the full case: How a content empire increas sales by 1783% Digital Marketing Tools for analyzing Metrics and Indicators BTC Data Baseas In addition to Google Analytics, Google Ads and social networks, there are several Digital Marketing tools available to collect, monitor and analyze metrics and indicators.

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