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Plus soft skills are important such as an eagerness to learn and collaborate. “One thing I definitely look for is somebody who is confident and looking to innovate. to put new ideas forward-looking to test things.” concludes Kendall. Tip: Read ‘10 Digital Skills That Can Make Students Instantly Employable in 2023’ for guidance on the skills students ne. 4) Micro-internships are beneficial While learning in the classroom is one thing. what makes a graduate stand out is the ability to apply that knowlge when working for a business. So an institution may have a great system of problem-solving and this can be taught. But how does a higher ucation institution take those skills and apply them to help solve industry problems?

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I work with a client from a small business and put students in front of them. I do live podcasts with businesses and have a conversation about some of the challenges they’re facing.” explains Kreighton. “Then I line them with students from business case studies to exams to working on projects to help solve those customer’s problems.” These latest database micro internships see those individual students go out and take everything in their learning in the classroom or micro-crentials from DMI or another provider and take those in and put them into action. Kreighton believes “every course they should be working with a client or working with someone in that element. That allows them to apply it right away and test to see if it works.” 5) Data analytics is the most in-demand skill The amazing thing about the online world is the amount of customer data it creates.

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The problem with the online world is that there’s so much data it can be hard to know what’s valuable and what’s not. For that reason. data analytics is one of the most sought-after skills by companies in 2023. “Tech and data analytics are the biggies that stand out from conversations we have with corporations and organizations that they desperately ne. Even as they look at their employee base. it’s what they’re looking at in terms BTC Data Baseeu of investing in upskilling..” says Ramos. This gap or demand presents an opportunity for the higher ucation sector. This means that companies across industries ne help in developing individuals. While this may be a different vertical for an ucator it’s an opportunity to work with these organizations to develop something that’s align with their current nes

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