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Key Roles to Build an Efficient Marketing stage growth marketing Companies of every maturity stage are generally focusing their advertising spend on Google and Meta (and perhaps LinkedIn, if you’re B2B). There’s a good reason for this: between those channels, which still account for nearly 50% of all digital advertising spend, you have huge audiences and engagement capabilities at every point in the funnel. All told, that’s a perfect focal point for companies in the early stages of growth. So what competencies do you need to have on hand to make the most of these channels? It’s a surprisingly long list: Fluency in bidding and audience levers on each channel Creative production and testing at scale.

Experience with tracking and tagging

Martech fluency and email platforms at minimum Channel contacts who can help with insights and access to early betas The ability to look at budget holistically (attribution modeling, media Brazil Phone Number List mix modeling, lift testing. Even if your in-house resources can account for the first few points which would put you far ahead of the curve I almost guarantee you’re spending inefficiently within your current channels. The ability to do native-to-platform lift studies and advanced analyses that look at incrementality and marginal return is a difference-maker at any stage – but particularly at this stage, when every dollar of spend and your burn rate should be under scrutiny. This is especially true in 2023, as the gap between Series B and C funding rounds has widened, and Series C funds are much harder to come by.

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The Importance of Fundamentals

Marketing Fails That Demonstrate How to reduce mistakes in early-stage growth marketing At this growth stage, striking China Phone Number List a balance between being too cautious and moving too quickly is key, and it’s hard to do. It’s a state of being for early-stage marketers, particularly those with VCs or private equity investors scrutinizing the use of their investment dollars, to feel the crunch of time and budget in bringing a product or service to the mainstream.

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