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They don’t realize that they have their own ready database of leads that they don’t have to call “blindly”! In addition to the concept of cold calling or cold mailing, we can also talk about warm emails. “Warm” leads are nothing more than people or companies with whom you have already made contact. These can be former or current customers, friends or everyone who is in the mailing database. Reaching such people is much easier. They’re more likely to open a message or answer the phone.

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They may already be familiar with your product, company, or service – you don’t nee to convince them. Prospecting – methods Methods of acquiring initially friendly customers include: maintaining a mailing list and contacting everyone on the database list; providing free consultations and then prospecting to people who have benefite from them; organizing or participating in an industry event; cheap or free product, and then contacting customers to sell them the right product. Participate in groups and discussions, then reveal that you have a product to sell. We recommend Consumer decision-making process – how well do you know it.


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Prospecting of this type is nothing more than the old calling everyone from the phone book. Today, such a database can be effectively built through social meia or mailing. The possibilities are virtually endless, and with the development of technology, new ones appear. This allows you to move away from cald-calls, so dislike by customers, in favor of BTC Database EU creative and effective solutions that make customers come to you themselves. By offering them a webinar or interesting content in exchange for an email address, you put yourself in a completely different situation than if you extracte their data from an open email database. These people want to be on your list, which means that they are already open to prospecting.

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