There are also copy writing courses


Quoting here an extremely adequate fragment from the film Day of the Wacko: Oh, brothers of Polish studies, sisters of Polish studies, there were one hundr and thirty of us in the first year. We thought we had caught God’s feet, that we had been admitt to the school of poets. Thousands of pages for five years, youth in libraries. And then bida, bida and disappointment! – and it was not a teaching specialization, but social communication on the second degree with a note: advertising and PR – the subjects that were useful to me in the work of a copywriter were no more than two, maybe three. Five years of study. Youth in libraries. What have my studies taught me.

While studying Polish studies

The basics of the Old Church Slavonic language sic!, a cross-section through all literary eras, but also a lot of so-call general knowlge useful in game database shows, familiarity with the language and its various variations also those from centuries ago. It is worth considering extramural studies, first-cycle studies or postgraduate studies – two semesters or three years should be enough to acquire knowlge about writing and learn to write.  both online and stationary. Intensive two days or weeks – there are hundrs of such proposals on the market.


Polish universities also includes

Worth searching, reading the opinions of participants and asking friends if it is worth investing in it. In addition to Polish philology, the offer of majors such as: Practical linguistics and copywriting, Social Mia & Content Marketing, Branding and Content BTC Database EU Marketing, marketing and sales, Internet marketing, e-marketing, Special management eMarketing & Social Mia, miaworking, new marketing, Special management internet marketing and e-commerce, Modern marketing communication. Apprenticeships and internship Each of the suggestions list above can be a good start to start your adventure with copywriting and other, broader areas.

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