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See also Annual financial statements cannot be prepar without CIT Links in the text of the article may refer directly to the relevant documents in the LEX program You must be logg in to view these documents Access to the content of documents in the LEX program depends on the licenses you have. Author Wieslawa Moczydlowska Share the article Print add to Favorites COMMENT Read also The Tax Office explains the concept of a tax year for the purposes of Estonian CIT CIT TAX ADVISOR OF THE COMPANY Valid from January this year. changes regarding the socall of the Estonian CIT are not revolutionary, but according to experts, they can undoubtly contribute to a better functioning of this form of taxation.

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Underst the tax year precing the choice of taxation in this form also comes in hy. Wieslawa Moczydlowska January , The tax office blocks the use of the socall Estonian CIT. Companies pay more tax CIT TAX ADVISOR OF THE COMPANY The experience of tax advisors clearly shows the benefits of choosing the socall Estonian CIT exist only in Spain Phone Numbers List theory. Tax authorities issue interpretations that effectively block the application of preferential settlement. The situation of companies is also complicat by the lack of a clear definition of hidden profit. This gives the tax office the opportunity to interpret the law too restrictively. Krzysztof Koślicki January , After the change of regulations, it is easier to use the socall Estonian COMPANY On January major amendment to the provisions on corporate income tax enter into force.

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Estonian CIT. Using preferential income taxation will now be easier. Lawyers praise that a large part of the regulations has been clarifi. However, they note that the changes could go even further. Krzysztof Koślicki Family foundations will be able to pay BTC Database EU the socall Estonian CIT CIT TAX ADVISOR FINANCE Family foundations that will have a holding character will generate mainly passive profits will be able to take advantage of the Estonian rules. Until now, companies of this nature could not benefit from the Estonian CIT. Who else will save on taxes by using family foundations? We ask the experts. Wieslawa Moczydlowska Estonian CIT turn out to be a costly trap for some companies a change in the law is necessary.

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