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Who has view your profile In the Sales Navigator package, you get full access to the tab where you can check who has visit your profile in the last days. The statistics can be filter, below the graph you will find visitor profiles. Sales Navigator referral program Each user with the Sales Navigator package purchas can recommend the tool to people from their network of contacts who have not us it yet. They then receive two months of fully free access to Navigator. InMail – messages to people outside your network of contacts Another proposal exclusively for users of the Premium package. Each set has the appropriate number of InMail messages available to send. In the Sales Navigator package, you get the ability to send InMails per month.

Different from regular correspondence

How are they InMail is a type of message you can send to someone outside of your network. Thanks to this, you can reach an even wider audience with your message. But remember to make good use of these special messages. They are often us as a kind Anhui Mobile Phone Number List of intrusive advertising. However, LinkIn is a portal for establishing relationships, so the more insistent the message, the lower the potential effectiveness. InMail also differs in that each time someone accepts the message, the sender receives feback. What should InMails be like Personaliz – adjust the content of the message to the target group. Then you increase the chances of reaching responding to the people you write to.

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Specific do you to have no end Your recipient doesn’t like it either. If you want to talk about something more, encourage you to visit the page or reply to the message. Then you can go into details. Sent to the right people – remember that you have a limit BTC Database EU in the number of InMails you send. Think carefully about who you want to send messages a month to. Don’t waste this potential on romly select people. Synchronization of Sales Navigator with CRM systems Most people involv in sales or marketing use lead management systems such as Salesforce.

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