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You can use aromamarketing in image and PR campaigns , launching a new product on the market, and even planning events . Fragrance as a marketing strategy Aromamarketing helps to create an atmosphere of freeom and trust, make a lasting impression on the client (marking the existence of a given company in his mind), encourage the client to stay longer, and even increase the willingness to buy, and thus increase the company’s revenues – writes.

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Michalska-Dudek in the work “The essence and possibilities of using aromamarketing on the tourist market”. It goes on to list a classification that can be helpful when composing specific fragrances. We recommend Brand attributes and building whatsapp mobile number list a competitive advantage The list below explains best what tools properly use aromamarketing offers. Fragrance can be part of branding and brand strategy. Fragrance compositions, depending on the composition, may have the task of: stimulating, such as citrus.

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Mint, eucalyptus – refresh, motivate to action, improve concentration, calming, such as lavender, green tea, jasmine – they calm down, help to relax, harmonize, stimulating, such as coffee, mint, ginger – they add energy, help to focus, appetizing, such BTC Database EU as spices for cakes, tropical fruits, chocolate – they stimulate the appetite and encourage you to feast longer, perfumery, Chanel No. 5 – add prestige, stimulate more spending, natural, such as tea, moss, wood, water fragrances – have a calming and relaxing effect, exceptional, such as Christmas, national – help to get into the mood, neutralizers, as the name suggests, neutralize odors, of tobacco smoke. What does sales smell like? Some examples of aromamarketing are well known, while others are not known to most people.

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