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Marketing innovations: examples from the e-commerce industry An intriguing example is the clothing industry. For many brands, their own online store is still the future. Selling clothes on Facebook sounds abstract. For several years, however, the most progressive companies have been selling during live video on this platform. This is what the owners of individual boutiques do, reaching their bore clients during the quarantine. Direct sales companies, such as LulaRoe in the USA or Avon in Poland, have also followe this path.

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An example of marketing innovation in the e-commerce industry can also be cooperation with an influencer and enabling shopping directly through their photos or videos. In turn, in the food industry, some stores rely on Facebook groups. Fresh Latest Mailing Database vegetables and fruits – for a long time it seeme that these two things could not be sold online. Some stores advertise daily in local groups, for vegetarians or people with ecological interests. They collect orders via Facebook and then deliver the food on the same day. Tools for use in innovative marketing There has been a lot of talk recently about the agile marketing . It’s about agile , but the term better translates to volatility, agility, or agility.

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In short, the point is to monitor the progress in the implementation of the marketing strategy on an ongoing basis, . through daily stand- up meetings . Thanks to this, you can make a turn and react when the situation suddenly changes, which BTC Database EU is conducive to the rapid implementation of innovations. It is also worth planning activities base on the real strengths of the company. For example, Porter’s force analysis or another tool. SWOT analysis) may be useful to introduce innovative marketing. We recommend Porter’s five forces analysis – how to use it? According to Grzegorz Szymański, the author of the work “Marketing innovations in the e-commerce sector”, the main sources of ideas for innovations are customers and employees.

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