Interesting Digital Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to in 2018


The economy of our country malaysia is going through a gloomy phase for some industries and a glorious phase for other industries.

Industries involved in the import of goods into the country, for example, are going through a catastrophic phase when the ringgit fell sharply to rm4.5 per us dollar last year.

On the other hand, the export industry went through a glorious phase when the fall in the value of the ringgit increased sales & income from transactions with buyers from abroad.

The oil & gas industry was among the most affected when oil prices fell to $30 per barrel a year or two ago. We all have friends or know friends who have friends who work in the oil & gas industry who had to quit their jobs and work part-time as uber & grab car drivers.

Because our country’s economy is heavily influenced by this industry, with other factors such as taxes and new and so on, the 2, 3 year phase is very unhealthy for the economy and indirectly affects the business environment.

 Important for us to know the latest digital marketing trends for 2018

With this knowledge, we can plan our digital marketing activities more intelligently and organized.

1. Live video, live audio
Live video has become something trending.

Now everyone has their own live streaming channel for free whether on youtube, facebook, instagram or twitter!

Viewers, on the other hand, prefer to watch live videos from videos that are uploaded as recordings.

In a little while, facebook will introduce live audio as well.

Business owners must be wise in using tools like this to engage viewers & listeners to increase brand value and then make sales.

I predict that live video & audio will can purchase phone lists become something of a trend in 2018.

2. Social media micro influencer
When talking about influencers here, I am not referring to celebrities or artists who have millions of followers and fans.

I am talking about micro influencers. Individuals with attractive personalities who have 10,000 – 100,000 followers.

Most of them have a certain niche or have a certain style


In 2018, the trend of using micro influencers is expected to increase.

On the twitter platform, for example, paid BTC Database EU tweets or paid reviews which indirectly become a source of side income for social media users.

3. Content marketing
2015 we talk about content marketing. 2016 we talk about content marketing. 2017 we are talking about content marketing. Now, even in 2018, we are still talking about content marketing.

But how many people take content marketing seriously?

The problem with content marketing is that it is not a strategy that we make today, tomorrow we will reap results like facebook ads.

It’s a long-term strategy. We create content marketing today, we may reap the results in 2019. People who created content marketing in 2015 are also reaping very good results.

Business that revolves around the short term will ignore the importance of content marketing.


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