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The system does not collect information on campaign staff on particular days or on the level of call-back at different times of the day and its effectiveness is low. Failure to do so results in either too much dial, result in too many calls be dropp and the business los leads, or too slow and agents sitt idle. Multi-campaign with the option of prioritiz select campaigns The multi-campaign option allows you to work on multiple campaigns at the same time without switch between them. It should also have the ability to prioritize campaigns, unlimit goals, set activity dates, and call times. Voicemail tection Voicemail tection is a simple feature that will save your sales staff time. It causes that the dialer tects the activat voicemail and does not connect the agent to it, but selects the next active number from the list.

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Agents in sales campaigns – a good script is an excellent sales support. You can put web links, images, forms in the scripter. Thanks to this, the work of agents is easier and the train time is shorter. Contact center solution in the area of ​​team management Namibia Mobile Number List Online monitor, agent control and support Possibility to view the statistics of incom call queues and the wait or ongo calls themselves, along with the possibility of tak a select call. An important function is also the interception of conversations conduct by agents and the ability to give live instructions (which, of course, the client does not hear.

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Experience and scope of tasks Creat groups accord to skills makes it easier to queue calls and saves time for both employees and the client, who will not be transferr to the next person, but will immiately go to the right one. fin permissions, alerts and breaks BTC Database EU for employees These are some of the most important setts that improve the work of agents. wallboard It allows you to display the current results of the agents’ work and goals for the day, visible to all employees. With this tool, you can transparently motivate employees to achieve the set goals and monitor the results. You can set up separate wallboards for employees, managers and company management.

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