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The solution to this is also remarketing on fb The describ group of non-stard recipients is very popular among advertisers, which results not only from the of this variant, but also from the wider range of this group (it is easier faster to supplement it). What can you do? There are many options: create a remarketing campaign presenting the product view by the user, suggest other products from the same category, show complementary products, encouraging to create a set, invite you to read the content presenting the product or how to use it. Reach customers who buy products in a given price category Do you run a business that is bas on both expensive.

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Extremely effective fb remarketing is the creation of custom recipient groups, which will be dictat by the value of previous orders Set a minimum Phone Number List maximum purchase amount for both groups, then create an ad recommending products suitable for the target. In this way, you will increase the chance of gaining loyal customers. Use Facebook engagement in remarketing Does your company boast a rich social mia follower activity? Users willingly comment on publish content, likes other positive reactions are visible under the posts? This is an aspect that should not escape your attention when planning a remarketing campaign on Facebook.

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Followers are interest in your br. Take advantage of this fact take steps to turn your activity into sales. How to do it? Go to the Ads Manager, create an ad, in the section dicat to the target group, check “People who like your page”, enter the name of BTC Database EU the fanpage voilĂ ! What is the effectiveness of this retargeting option? More more often we observe the br in social mia before we decide to buy a product or service, Or maybe you want to gain new followers? We have a recipe for that too. Direct your company’s advertising message to friends of your current fans or to people who were on your page, for example, 30 days ago, but do not belong to your community. Another idea is to create a Lookalike group (people similar to those who like the Facebook profile.

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