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Facebook’s algorithms will make it possible to reach users who have common characteristics with current fans, which gives a good chance to exp your community. Retargeting to website visitors This is the easiest custom audience group to use, not only in terms of configuration, to take to make the actions successful. We are also effective in Google Ads campaigns , as well as in the positioning of websites stores. Check us out! Kinga Banaƛkiewicz Social Mia & Content Marketing Manager See similar articlesCreating company websites that are as friendly as possibleis today the absolute basis for positioning of this type of website.

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search engine in the world, however, one cannot forget about the web users themselves. Their positive feelings while surfing your portal directly translate into the company’s financial results. It is also known that user experience is reflect in the results Job Function Email List present by the Google search engine. This is an extremely important aspect. Especially since from August 2021 Core Web Vitals, i.e. internet metrics, will be one of many ranking factors. What exactly is the new Google update what impact will it have on your SEO efforts? We invite you to read.

Job Function Email List

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What is the Google Page Experience update, of which Core Web Vitals are an important part? Announc in the middle of last year, the Google Page BTC Database EU Experience update has already manag to cause quite a stir in the internet marketing industry. In fact, however, the addition of a few new ranking factors in the form of Core Web Vitals should not surprise anyone anymore. The main goal of the American hegemon’s actions is simply to make sure that the sites can only guarantee the user a positive feeling when surfing browsing the offer.

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