Facebook For Rich Metropolitans Finally Buries

When launched, netropolitan charges a fee of usd 9000.00 and another usd 3000 annual fee for each subsequent year.


It is with a sad heart that I report that the netropolitan club has been closed. In the end, there was not sufficient interest in our service among the targeted demographic to operate it as a going concern. (that said, I am happy to report that all paid members received full refunds.

To the friends of the netropolitan club

I personally would like to thank all those involved in this enterprise. Employees, contractors, publicists, et.Al. – as well as the paying members. Who buy telemarketing call list took a chance on an unprecedented business model. I also would like to thank both the public. And the worldwide media for their relatively intense interest, whether positive or negative.(it’s not often that jimmy fallon tells jokes about your business on “the tonight show.

Thanks again, one and all. I’ll see you at the concert hall.

What can we learn from this story of failure

I listed a few that I could think of.

Don’t think that rich people will easily spend money / waste on products that are not worth it
Social media needs to be understood in depth. Who uses social media? What are they used for?
A target market that is too small (in this case only the super rich) is difficult to reach. The cost of putting our product/service in front of the eyes of this small target market requires high costs and difficult work
Rich people prefer to socialize with human touch, face to face and not virtually.

Where to find products to start an online business?

This is definitely a question that is always BTC Database EU on the minds of those who are thinking of starting an online business.

Most of the time, this question ends up being unanswered and the ambition to do business has to be forgotten just like that.

To begin with, before you think where to look for products to start an online business, why don’t you start by asking the following questions;

Who do I want to sell to?

After this question has an answer, then it is easy to answer the question, where to find the product.

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