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Going forward and then it becomes easier to create your Content Plan. In this Content Audit, the focus is on the whole and getting an overview, it is not a focus on specific search terms. Why should you do a Content Audit? The goal of your Content Audit is to unrstand if your content livers according to the goal for which it was creat and how to prioritize your work so that the content performs better in the future. Of course, you do ongoing analyzes of your content or?, but it can be wise to do an overall Content Audit from time to time to get an overall picture. And even then inclu new content youve creat recently.

You have main goals for your content

For example conversion to leads or sales. And to succe with these goals, you should have different types of content. Once you have done your Fax Lists Content Audit, you will know more about which content has actually perform and contribut to your goals. In orr to reach the main goals, you have subgoals, partly these are relat to search engine optimization the last one is a placementranking on Google but also relat to involvement in external channels. Here are the reasons you have content on your website Main Objective Leads Generation or Sales Intermiate goal.

Fax Lists

Engagement in external channels

Good ranking on Google with search data from relevant sources In your Content Audit, you have to collect a lot of data from different sources. You ne to have access to your sitemap, to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and a system BTC Database EU similar to Ranktrail to retrieve, for example, backlink data. When compiling all the data, its wise to use a spreadsheet program like Google Sheets, its free and easy to share with both colleagues and external advisors. Collect the URLs to be includ in your Content Audit To begin with, you ne to have all.

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