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Would you like to use the potential of LinkIn? Take advantage of the free quality leads with ! Contact us! How to start social selling activities on LinkIn? In order for your activities on LinkIn to be effective, they must first be properly plann. Therefore, we have prepar for you below some tips from which you can start social selling. -Define your goal – first of all, think about what is the main goal of your social selling activities. It shouldn’t be too general – focus on specific numbers results that will ultimately satisfy you (it can be, for example, generating quality leads per month on LinkIn). In this case, it is worth following the rules of the SMART method. According to them, the goal should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic time-bound.

Define your target group business

Challenges it is also crucial to define your target group in detail, people with whom you want to establish a relationship. Thanks to this, you will be able to easily select users, as well as choose the right communication style. Knowing your target Bolivia Phone Number List group also allows you to identify the main business challenges facing it. Bearing in mind the nes expectations of your potential customers, you are able to present them with real benefits solutions that your offer brings. -Prepare a database of profiles you intend to contact – knowing the characteristics of your target group, you can start preparing a database of specific profiles.

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 Determine the success of social selling

This will be a list of people from select companies with whom you will want to contact. In addition, it is also worth creating a list of users that you exclude from your target group ( former current contractors). -Create a strategy schule of action tests – to choose BTC Database EU the best solutions, it is worth focusing on AB tests. Thanks to them, you can check, for example, which variants of messages receive the most responses. You can also test the responsiveness of people bas on their positions or industries. Tests should be carri out in a specific time period. What else should you remember? -Plan the path of communication with the target group – proper communication with the target group can activities.

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