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Sources Nowadays, it is difficult to find a company that does not operate in the e-commerce industry. Achiev success in this field is often to be or not to be for a company. Therefore, the personalization of services and customer service can change the balance of power between compet companies. The e-commerce industry is one of the most difficult to fine branches of the market, because it is velop very dynamically and transform itself dynamically before our eyes. E-commerce ranges from one-man businesses to online retail giants such as Amazon. The term e-commerceā€¯ itself has been in use since and was coin by IBM, although the origins of electronic commerce date back almost two cas earlier.

What is the personalization of services

Commerce More and more customers in the e-commerce industry expect an individual approach from service provirs – not only communication, but also an offer tailor to their nes. Thanks to this, the customer wants to feel special: perfectly Conduit CN and individually serv, treat with special care, wants to get an offer that will shorten the time of his search, because it will suit his tastes. To respond to this ne, we ne to learn how to collect, analyze and use the data that our customers provi us with. We should also react to trends and changes in our market, take care of communication and make sure that our advertisements reach the interest parties.

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Personalization of services is the most

Visible trend in e-commerce in and . Just look at the giants of the industry, such as Amazon or Zalando, whose offer is tailor to searches, product suggestions appear, you can easily create lists of favorite products not link to the basket. These are BTC Database EU the facilities that have undoubtly contribut to the great success of these portals. Personalization. What to do to stand out? In , both customers and sellers are fully aware of the advantages of e-commerce and are already users and service provirs with some experience in this area. They have already adapt to mobile applications, which forc the reorganization of online stores and adaptation to shopp via mobile vices.

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