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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Companies gaining traction in the early-to-mid growth stages have a few common marketing attributes: they’re seeing good returns in paid media, they have some resources to deploy, and they’re facing a dilemma of building an in-house team or hiring an agency to help them scale. I’m and founder of a marketing agency I’ll put that out there right up front. Yes that means I have a bias toward brands at this stage hiring agencies, but it also means I’ve seen plenty of brands over invest where. and for what it’s worth, something that every agency owner has learned.

Team Must-have competencies of early-stage growth 

Companies of every maturity stage are generally focusing their advertising spend on Google and Meta and perhaps. LinkedIn if you’re. They shouldn’t and under-invest in the places that will actually USA Phone Number List move the needle. This article will cover a few considerations for how to build a  marketing function at this stage: core competencies you must have covered, how to address common mistakes and how to gauge the pros and cons of agencies and in-housing. Related Key Roles to Build an Efficient Marketing. There’s a good reason for this: between those channels, which still account for nearly of all digital advertising spend, you have huge audiences and engagement capabilities at every point in the funnel. All told, that’s a perfect focal point for companies in the early stages of growth.

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Fluency in bidding and audience levers on each channel

Creative production and testing at scale. Experience with tracking and tagging. Martech fluency and email platforms Australia Phone Number List at minimum. Channel contacts who can help with insights and access to early betas. The ability to look at budget holistically attribution modeling, media mix modeling. Lift testing Even if your in-house resources can account for. The first few points which would put you far ahead of the curve. I almost guarantee you’re spending inefficiently within your current channels.



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