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The home page always has a clear navigation (menu) and the task of the home page is to get as wide an audience as possible to visit. Some of these visitors are directed to the landing page and later to the sales page. If we consider that 5,000 people visit the website per month, it would be important to convert 60% of them to the email list first. After this, it is important to get 5% of those on the email list to convert into customers. landing page should be 20% and on the sales page 2%. When these are achieved, then you can start making small changes little by little, with the help of which the percentages will be increased.  The landing page (Squeeze page) is always a single page. The landing page has only one purpose, to get the visitor to join the email list.

Sales page Landing page

navigation, and if you make the landing page for your own home page, you should disable both the header and footer. With latest database WordPress, this is done well by selecting the “No Header/Footer” setting from the default page template. , the visitor has only two options: either join the email list or leave the page completely Any extra links interfere with this task and therefore links outside the landing page should be kept to a minimum. Only a link to the data protection or registry statement is allowed.  compact, even so compact that you can see all the information at once. Sometimes it may be necessary to add feedback or other information, but the more concisely you can present things, the better. Below is an example of a landing page.

The landing page is typically very

 By clicking on the image below, you can B2C Database EU  view it as a page. landing page Sales page As the name suggests, a sales page is a page whose purpose is to make a sale. That is the only function of the sales page. Also, this page should not have links to other pages, landing pages, blogs or elsewhere. Only the link to the checkout is allowed. Since the purpose of the sales page is to get customers to buy, links elsewhere will disrupt that transaction. If the customer can choose, he always chooses the free option. Did you read this: What is a sales page and why is it an essential part of your sales funnel? A sales page should offer the reader such an attractive offer that they can’t say no to it. 

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