How to use interactive storytelling


The point here is that this amazing tool is user-centric , meaning people can quickly jump to the part of the content that interests them most. Now, Interactive Storytelling opens a new world of possibilities to solve that. We are talking about the next step. After all, written text alone no longer has the appeal your audience needs to be attracted to. UBM , a global communications company, learned this while developing its marketing strategy to publicize London Technology Week .

Unlimited interaction

An experimental study conducted by Rock email database Content exposed users to both gated and non-gated interactive content. The difference is that in the first case. We need to fill out a short form with personal data before accessing the content. Seems simple, right? Well, the results, as expected. Indicated that more than 51% of people interacted with the unclassified content . While only 15.8% went through the form . Furthermore. The conversion rate was up to 20.4% for the unrated version; Less than 15% of visitors who accessed the closed version converted.

Custom launch

In fact, L’Oreal Paris has an interesting case. Which is that in BTC Database EU order to attract customers to try the company’s app. Marketers realized that a static catalog would be just another boring list of products. Yes, this can work when customers come for your products. But in this case it was exactly the other way around. So how did they solve that challenge? With another application! Makeup Genius is a smart tool design that. Allows customers to experience digital makeup . In a few seconds, anyone could add lipstick and eye shadow to her own face.

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