How Instagram Reels Works


Instagram Reels is a feature of Instagram that includes the recording and editing of short vertical videos. But also the search and display of content in this type of format.

For Instagram Reels

the discovery within the same social network of this type of content would also be included. Since the videos can be published in the feed, in stories or in the reels section, where you can explore India Whatsapp Number Data  the content published by other users. or where your own can be made visible. It can also be sent to another user as a direct message.

This tool, which is available in more than 50 countries, including countries in Europe, the United States, Brazil, India, Indonesia and Mexico. It has become essential for many brands that launch marketing strategies through Instagram . This is mainly due to the fact that users do not only see the reels of the accounts they follow.

How Instagram Reels works

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That is, it is not an independent app, but a content format integrated within Instagram.

If you want to create a reel, just click on the + icon in the upper right part of the profile and select Reel. Then you must choose between Camera and Templates depending on whether you want to create the video from scratch or use a template. Which can make editing much faster and easier. Once created, the next step is to share it with the followers. In case the profile is private; or with the Instagram community, in case you have an open profile.

If you want to view them

In addition, all profiles that create this type of content will have a tab with that same icon. Users BTC Database EU can then react to the reels just like they would any other post, with a like, comment, or share.

Of course, the main difference between a video and a reel is that the former is square and appears in the feed grid, while the latter is vertical and has its own profile tab.

In case the profile is private; or with the Instagram community, in case you have an open profile.

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