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Although men and women can be victims of this type of violence. For different reasons many reports indicate that the main victims are women it is estimated that of women are sexually harassed during their professional career. Part of the problem is that this type of behavior is often not identified by employees or managers themselves and only a few companies implement a campaign or action plan to stem this type of situation. Disseminating a series of guidelines and tools against harassment as well as helping victims or taking a stand against this violence is essential to create a favorable working environment and to affirm that any harassment will be severely punished.

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Harassment posters on EDIT.org from predesigned templates that you can customize online to fit your companys prevention policies. Harassment poster templates at EDIT.org Click on a template in the Albania Phone Number List article or go to the editor to get started. Select a poster to edit Modify texts images logo typography and elements if necessary. Save layout Download the final result for printing Print Your Workplace Sexual Harassment Posters In your designs write actions to take if someone is harassed definitions of different types of workplace violence or guidelines on what to do if you witness harassment of a colleague.

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Sentence that sends a clear message against bullying. In terms of design use light colors and a few. Elements or images if your composition has a lot of text. On the contrary if you intend to. Make a design BTC Database EU with a short and direct message use brighter colors to attract attention. Either way remember to provide contact information in case the workers need it. Remember that you can save your designs in the user profile to continue. Wditing them at another time or to create copies. Download them whenever you need them in PDF JPG or PNG format to print or share on social networks. Start creating an antiharassment poster with EDIT.orgs editable templates


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