Facebook Begins to Introduce Click To Whatsapp in Facebook Ads



Facebook is seen starting to introduce a click-to-whatsapp button in its facebook ads ads, techcrunch reports .

This allows those of us who want to close sales on whatsapp. To create facebook ads along with a direct to whatsapp button.


When the prospect clicks on the button, it will automatically. Open the whatsapp application to make it easier for them to continue asking questions and buying on whatsapp.

This function also includes a referral post on facebook. That allows the seller to identify which ad the prospect clicked on.

In my opinion, it is an interesting approach, especially for online traders who do not yet have whatsapp.

With a function like this in facebook ads, we no longer need to use services like wasap.My to create links to whatsapp.
Before we start, I would like to remind you that in the world of marketing new terms can be created at any time to describe any concept in marketing.

My way of not getting confused by this term game is, I don’t focus on terms. I focus on the concept.

Don't understand terms understand concepts

In the last post, we have discussed at length about the marketing funnel and how to reach each audience in the different stages of the marketing funnel through facebook ads.

If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest buying phone numbers you read the post first.

Marketing funnel
In short, a marketing funnel is a customer journey from. Strangers (not knowing anything about a product or brand) to customers (carrying out. Money transactions to get the product).

The process can be understood using the diagram below.

So what is a sales funnel

Sales funnel is the purchase process that takes place on an ecommerce website.

This process is usually not BTC Database EU explained in detail in the marketing funnel.

To understand it, please refer to the diagram below.


The main reason why many people are not aware of the existence of sales funnels is because we take this process for granted .

We let our existing ecommerce platform manage the close the sale process without realizing or thinking about what can be done to double sales in this process.

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