Business person who wants to learn how to create an ecommerce


This is one of my favorite questions asked to me.

Although I can do the class, but as much as possible I do not recommend business people to learn to make their own ecommerce website, especially if we are over 30 (I am a realist).

We should focus on building a business instead of building a website. The task of building our website can be done by freelancers or if there is more capital, hire an external developer. It’s just a one time setup then we only have to pay for the domain & hosting only once a year.

Many people only think that money is capital. Not many people think that time is also capital. Try to calculate, how much is our 1 hour worth? If we can make sales of rm500 in one hour. Do we think it is a loss to pay a website developer 80 hours to develop our ecommerce website with a fee of rm5000.

If we create an ecommerce website ourselves:

We will spend a lot of time to develop a website and it is a delicate work (very delicate – people who have made a website will understand). If you want to edit even one button, it might take half a day for a newbie who likes to change fancy colors and want color matching that and this.

2. The website we create will not look professional. A professional web developer needs to study for many years before he can be really good at creating a professional website. This skill will not be possible to be taught in one day in 1 class.

3. If there is a problem on the website, we will have limited knowledge. The most difficult job in creating a website is troubleshooting problems. Again, when it happens and we want to solve it ourselves, it will take too long to google solutions and so on. Halfway through, most likely we will give up.

Haven't entered the business challenge yet even the challenge of creating a website has given up

So, if you are really serious about building BTC Database EU an ecommerce business, learn to build a business. Don’t go learn how to build a website. When it comes to building a website, we leave it to the experts. Make capital. Leave all the headaches, the nitty-gritty, the technical stuff to the experts.

Our job? Think about how to strategize. How to sell more. There is a lot to grow.

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