ASO Guide: positioning of mobile applications and Apps


ASO Guide: positioning of mobile applications and Apps. Juan González Villa is a user-focused SEO specialist. Today he shares with us 12 tricks and factors to position an application on Google Play and App Store: ASO . These recommendations can be useful to improve your business app and increase its number of downloads. We leave you with him. App Store Optimization is everything that helps your app rise in the App Store or Google Play rankings . That is, ASO is like doing SEO for apps, but it has its own rules.

Create a good title and description, including your keywords

Create a good title and description, including your keywords. The title and description is the first impression that users will have of your app. The more attractive the better, but remember that if they do not include your keywords, your chances of appearing in the search engine decrease. For example, if your app shows tennis results, I would include “tennis” and “results” in my title. You will have a good chance of email leads being discovered by interested users, if you get creative and title it “ATP Tie Break”. If you like Tie Break, you could call it: “Tie Break – Real-time tennis results”.

Place your app in the correct category

 Place your app in the correct category. Google Play only allows you to choose one category, so you have to choose it very carefully. App Store is more flexible, allowing you to indicate 2 categories (or 3 if the app is a game). If your app can fit into two categories BTC Database EU and you have doubts, sometimes it is better to opt for the less competitive category . That is, if there are no clear dominators in a category, it will cost you less to reach the top positions.

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