What Exactly Is Cognitive Enhancement?


It is a modern study that goes beyond neuroplasticity and aims to add new senses to the brain as well as replenishing those that already exist.

 tries to support people with special developed skills.

By giving people those skills that go beyond the limitations of the basic human senses, cognitive enhancement seeks to push the boundaries of human knowledge. Cognitive augmentation uses a newer approach by interacting directly with the brain and expanding its capabilities using implant technology.

 effort explores areas previously considered science fiction, imagining a time when people will see the world and engage with it in previously unimaginable ways.

This groundbreaking

According to scientists, human augmentation through telephone list the use of artificial body parts is imminent, and new limbs could be created to improve our skills.

For example, a 3D printed thumb developed by Dani Clode, a designer and associate professor at Tamar Makin at the University of Cambridge, can be placed on any hand and is useful for a number of tasks, including -into helping electrical engineers solder and hold scales for servers.

Cognitive enhancement

In this case, technology is cted with the human body, increasing our talents and BTC Database EU productivity in certain situations and used in a new era of human-machine symbiosis. This example shows the possibilities for cognitive expansion.

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