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Homomorphic encryption is a strong cryptographic technique that allows calculations to be performed on encrypted data  of the original data. This means that voters can encrypt their ballots before submitting them to the blockchain in the context of online voting.

without revealing the contents

The votes are secure and confidential telemarketing leads for sale once they are distributed, guaranteeing that the vote remains private.

When the time comes to count the votes, the encrypted ballots can be decrypted and counted without revealing individual voting preferences.

 takes place in a secure and controlled environment, the identity of the voter and their actual vote remains private, eliminating the possibility of vote manipulation or co- forced

As the decryption process

Another cryptographic method used in blockchain-based voting systems to verify the validity of a statement without revealing any specific information BTC Database EU about the statement itself is zero-knowledge verification.

In the context of voting, ZKPs allow voters to demonstrate their eligibility without revealing personal information such as their identity or special qualifications.

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