Tips Heinz’s secret weapon to force restaurants to serve its ketchup


The most die-hard fans of Heinz ketchup feel terribly frustrated when they go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner and in the establishment in question they cannot season the dishes they taste there with their favorite sauce. Well, Heinz has decided to take advantage of that frustration for its own benefit to get the stores that still do not serve its famous ketchup to end up throwing themselves into its arms. 

Heinz has orchestrated a campaign

 Customers must then share a photo of the account on Instagram top industry data using the hashtags #TipforHeinz and #sweepstakes or visit for the opportunity to receive a refund of up to $20 for those meals. They had to savor it by giving up its famous ketchup. The brand has a fund of $125,000 to adequately reward those fans faced with the absolutely intolerable. Ordeal of not having Heinz ketchup at their side in the restaurants where they go to eat. If you do not see the embedded video correctly, click here As part of the campaign. Heinz has also committed to providing free ketchup for a year to the first ten restaurants that , spurred by their customers’ unique tips. Decide to switch to its ketchup. 

Starcom Publicis 57 handled the media buying

Planning involved in the campaign , while Kitchen took on social BTC Database EU media work and Zeno Group handled public relations and influencer marketing. « Gone are the days when absolutely delicious dishes were destroyed by ketchup of mediocre quality . We support Americans who demand more of the condiments restaurants serve. The ‘Tip for Heinz’ campaign is about raising. Their voices so they can get their favorite ketchup. Explains Jacqueline Chao, senior brand manager at Heinz. According to a study conducted by Heinz involving 1,372 people, 75% of Americans prefer Heinz ketchup. But almost half feel there is nothing they can do when restaurants. Don’t have their favorite sauce. « A meal at a restaurant without Heinz ketchup is not only disappointing, it can also ruin your experience .

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