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Ojo de Iberoamérica Which have nothing to do with the communication campaigns we know today. The evolution of communication techniques has in fact change in parallel with historical. Social and political changes. For this reason. If we look.  billboards from the end of the th century. We can notice that the visual and verbal language appears completely different compare to to the current one. Between the th and th centuries. Advertising was imperative. Between the mid. Th and early th centuries. The first communication campaigns in newspapers began to spread in Italy. In that period we communicate only through drawings and some short texts. Characterize by the use of the imperative. The goal of the advertisements was to showcase the products and give some sort of order to the viewers.

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However Will only occur with Gutenberg’s invention of the press. It is in fact seo expater bangladesh ltd precisely from that moment that the foundations for modern communication began to be laid. The subsequent evolution phe then le to the creation of posters. Posters and periodicals.  were placed. During the s and s in the Unite States. The advertising sector was already in great expansion (first and foremost the Coca. Cola brand). While in Italy we can only speak of modern communication from onwards. This is when it all began. With the first communication campaigns in history. Communication techniques. How they have evolve The first communication campaigns date back to long before the invention of the press. In Pompeii. For example. There were precursors of the current electoral posters. In Syria. However. A Sumerian tablet was found promoting beer from a tavern. It is true that these were still rudimentary forms of communication.

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The blog on visual arts. Advertising and digital printing THE BLOG ON VISUAL ARTS. ADVERTISING AND DIGITAL PRESS SHOP ART ADVERTISING INSPIRATIONS TECHNICAL GUIDES ARCHIVE Advertising. Archivejune. When it all began. The first communication campaigns in history When it all began. The first communication campaigns in history Communication has change over the years. Following fashions and historical and social changes. This is how it all began. Identifying the exact beginning of the first communication campaigns BTC Database EU is almost impossible. The first forms of advertising already existe in Roman times. With signs positione at the entrance to shops. The great revolution.

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